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Find links to resources that will help you get around – independently.
Travel news, tips and advice specifically aimed at those with impaired vision. Whether travelling by rail, air, bus or coach, or on the water by ferry or even cruise liner if you're the lucky one, we aim to let you know what's provided to help you get around safely, comfortably and independently with confidence. If you have a hot tip for any form of travel be it local, national or international, let us know and we'll be happy to add it to this section.

trainsThere is a mountain of information out there, all designed to help us to make a safer and more comfortable journey. Easily locating the detail you want can be frustrating though, so we have captured the vital contact details for you in this section.

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Air 2We have captured some details for the UK's major airports to help with any special needs you might require to help enhance your airport experience, whether travelling on business or holidaying. We can't be held responsible for the relatively limited details available, but we've brought this together in one place to make searching for your airport easier. If you have any information you think would be useful to others, please let us know by email


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Assisted Bus Travel

The "Stop For Me - Speak To Me" campaign organised by the RBIB is gaining strength with more and more regional initiatives from the major nus companies taking place. If you haven't yet heard of this positive step for increased independent travel visit the extremely informative report and survey results . The initial report was undertaken by RNIB in 2012 but as is so often the case, its pace is snail like. The report not only highlights many of the real issue faced by the blind and VIP but also provides useful links for helpful assistive resources.

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