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EBook readers for Android

ereaders Thanks to Jo Fullerton at RNIB Scotland we bring you news on some of the latest E-reading apps offering flexible viewing styles to suit many eye conditions

Moon+ Reader,
Available in a free version and a Pro version £3.00

The free version reads ePub books, Pro version entitles you to the use of the free PDF reader plug in.
Highly customisable colours and fonts can be enlarged up to 80 point.
Good use of gestures. Adverts popped up when we exited the book.

Available as a free download and as a premium version at £2.99

Aldiko free version opens ePub books and pdf.
Simple, easy to use colour settings with lots of pre-set shades, scalable fonts up to 40 point.
Can use volume keys to move the pages or use gestures. No adverts popped up while using the free version for a short time.

FBReader, free (no adverts) plus free pdf reader plug in.
Reads ePub and pdf.
Customisable colours up to and font zoom up to 144 point.

We will take a closer look at these apps and report back in more detail



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