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Mobile Doc Scanner

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here's an app I use on tablet on a regular basis. It's relatively simple to use and is very stable.
For many years now I have totally relied on a paperless office. This is due to the simple fact that I am unable to read text from paper in any reliable sense. So I rely on scanned and PDF'd documents for reading on screen and in an attempt to simplify my life at home and driven out of the loss of our scanner/printer when it gave up the ghost, I looked hard and long for a scan application for tablet use. I wasn't really in the mood to buy an MFP (Multi-Function Product) when all we needed was a good printer and the better use of the tablet camera.
Having searched the many apps out there in the online stores I opted for MD Scan. It was easy to upload and set up on tablet (in this case a Samsung Note 10.1). On Start up a simple three way menu is presented; New Scan via Shoot (Camera), Batch Mode and My Scans. The first is self-explanatory select this and you are viewing the intended image through the on board camera. You can now select landscape or portrait, flash type or flash off. Once you have scanned the image by way of taking a photograph you can now crop the document with a good degree of flexibility and select how you want the image processed such as black and white document or colour etc. Once you are happy with your settings touch the tick and hey presto you have a pretty good PDF of your document. From here you can save it to file, email it or transfer in other ways to another device. I find the controls easy to use and once you remember the icons it works with a good amount of integrity.
The Batch Mode allows you to take multiple scans of pages and save to one document, which makes bigger documents so much easier to manage for filing. The My Scans menu option provides a folder of everything you have scanned on the device whether named or not. Useful if you need to find something from a while back you may have inadvertently lost. There is an option to convert other files from your tablet to PDF as well and then email or do whatever you need to do with them. Useful.
The only drag with using these apps is lining up the document you want to scan, it takes a few seconds but once you have the tablet and letter or whatever in parallel it's fine. The crop tool does help to eradicate many of the alignment issues but watch the software do its enhancing bit after this, it is good. Of course there are brackets and arms you can buy to mount your tablet on to give you stability but they tend to be big and cumbersome. There is product out there called Scan Box which look really simple to use and it packs away flat. I'll have a look at his soon.
In conclusion MD Scan works well and is very affordable at £3.49, it helps me to manage my letters and the like.
The developers say - Main features and benefits
• Advanced image processing – convert any image into industry standard PDF documents
• Automatic, high quality document edge detection and perspective correction
• Ability to enhance currently poor quality images and documents
• Scan and upload or send any document quickly, including receipts, news and magazine articles, invoices, coupons, and posters.
• Quickly scan and manage multi-page documents on the go
• Cloud storage and social network integration for accessibility and sharing of images

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