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Reading Apps

Summer-  a time for reading

Ten Reading Apps for NMO and the Blind10 reading apps

ere's an interesting array of apps to consider and they are "reviewed" courtessy of #an American site sponsored by the Guthy Jackson foundation. We can't speak for the reviews themselves but there is some useful detail here, ideal for those forthcoming summer holidays – we hope.
Visit the site here
(Neuromyelitis Optica is an autoimmune disorder in which the body's immune system attacks its own healthy cells, most commonly in the optic nerves and spinal cords. Due to these attacks NMO patients can suffer from temporary or permanent blindness. Losing one's vision can be difficult as we try to navigate through an increasingly visual world. Technology has made life for those with vision problems a little more manageable with smartphone apps that can help with reading/listening to a book, learn braille or tell you what kind of money is in your hand. Suggestions for apps that help NMO patients were received via Facebook and can also be submitted on the NMO Apps and Software page on NMOtion)

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