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E-bot and E-bot ADV

ebotadvThe first and only portable read, write and distance video magnifiers with OCR and WiFi Connectivity

Here is a device that claims to be the first and only portable read, write and distance video magnifiers with OCR and WiFi Connectivity.

On the face of it this appears to be a wonderful product for those who, like me, can't read presentations in a classroom/boardroom situation and are fed up carrying around heavy CCTV apparatus, laptops and power supplies. This device could also provide a valuable reading assistant.

E-bot displays directly on your tablet screen via dedicated Wi-Fi wireless access point and use a common gesture user-interface. Or, connect with Mac via USB 3.0 or PC via USB 2.0/3.0, or a monitor with HDMI.

You can connect E-bot to your iPad™ or Android™ tablet, PC or Mac™ to view and interact with your reading, writing or distance image. Use E-bot to read a book, see the board or screen. Use E-bot ADV to OCR capture the image on the screen, then listen to it read aloud through built-in speakers or headset (speaker jack available for earphone or headset).

Set up is reportacly quick and the USB connection is easy, so moving from classroom to classroom or between the office and conference room is hassle-free.

Indi are informed that E-bot is sold in the UK by Professional Vision Services. Price for E-bot without the remote control camera is £3395.00, and the E-bot with the remote control camera is £3995.00 ex VAT. Now we had a look at prices in the USA where the manufacturer is based and there is a marked increase between the local US price and PVS's. Of course there is shipping and VAT but we are not sure what else you are getting for the UK price. Some service over and above the manufacturers perhaps?
Or advice check first before you buy.

Features & Highlights
• Convenient Portable Magnifier
Bring lightweight E-bot wherever you need it: Classroom, library, home or office.
• Exclusive iPad and Android Tablet Compatibility – Completely Wireless!
Display E-bot's image on your iPad or Android tablet. Quickly and effortlessly connect your tablet via Wi-Fi connection, without any wires or cables!
• Close-Up and Distance Viewing
View a book or document on your desk or a presentation on a board or screen across the room. Switch between the two without losing focus on your reading or distance view.
• Familiar Touch-screen Gesture Control
Increase or decrease the zoom level, change text and background color, adjust contrast and even begin and pause OCR text-to-speech using familiar pinch and swipe gestures. This intuitive user-interface means students can learn to use E-bot quickly and with very little instruction.
• USB 3.0
Transmit fast, high-quality images to your desktop or laptop PC or Mac.
• Auto Brightness
A built-in light sensor automatically detects the light in your surroundings and adjusts for a perfectly lit reading or writing image.
• Rechargeable Battery
Use E-bot more than 4 hours on a single charge.
• Remote Control (Exclusive to ADV model)
all functions are available via an intuitive wireless remote control.
• Built-in OCR (Exclusive to ADV model)
Use the built-in OCR to capture and read documents even without a PC or tablet attached, and listen to text read aloud using E-bot's built-in speaker.

Technical Specifications
Camera HD, 60fps
Video Output Wi-Fi: iPad, Android Tablet, Windows PC
USB 3.0/2.0: Windows / USB 3.0: Mac / HDMI: TV, Monitor
Viewing Modes near View, Distance View
Magnification 9.7" (Tablet): 0.8x ~ 35x / 17" (Laptop): 1.5x ~ 69x / 24" (Monitor): 2.2x ~ 97x
Audio Built-in voice guide, speaker, earphone jack, volume control
Colour Modes 8 modes (7 user-definable from 56 possible colour combinations)
Case Custom backpack carry case included
Size Folded: 21.5cm W x 31.5cm L x 10 H
Unfolded: 21.5cm W x 31.5cm L x 37 H
Weight 2.27Kg



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