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Facebook Farce

Facebook RNIBFacebook makes U-turn after banning RNIB's 'degrading' sight-loss

Social network unblocks video promoting the need for sight-loss advisers in UK hospitals after claiming it breached guidelines on language

Facebook has performed a dramatic U-turn, lifting a ban on a campaign by the Royal National Institute of Blind People that it claimed was "degrading".

The hard-hitting ad, which aims to promote the need for sight-loss advisers in every UK hospital, asks viewers to think about how they would feel if their health was under threat.

RNIB launched the ad on its YouTube channel on 14 September and subsequently tried to run it on Facebook.

Facebook's advertising team banned the ad for breaking its guidelines on use of language that is "profane, vulgar, threatening or generates high negative feedback".

The company was criticised on social media after a MediaGuardian news story about its decision on Tuesday.

Melissa Berry, who provided the voiceover for the ad, tweeted:

On Wednesday, Facebook contacted the RNIB to say that it was reversing its decision explaining that a review had shown that the "language used in the copy and video are compliant".

"As the previous correspondence mentioned, we do not allow ads to directly assert the physical condition of the audience," said a member of the Facebook team in an email to RNIB. "This ensures that ads promotes a safe community and we maintain the trust of the audience on Facebook. However, in this case, the intent is not to assert that the viewer is struggling with blindness, thus the language used in the copy and video are compliant. The ad has been re-approved, and you are able to set them back to active."

INDI says
An unbelievably thoughtless action from a SOCIAL giant of today's world. Evidently little thought or consideration given to one of the world's leading charities. One would have imagine an organisation the size and complexity of Facebook would have adopted processes and protocol's to support the actions of meaningful groups such as RNIB.
Let us hope the management of Facebook make changes to their policies and quickly to save them further embarrassment in the future.



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