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A host of links for you to use to access cultural, educational, sporting, health and many other resources in your area.

Please tell us if you have an organisation you want to add to this section, we will be glad to  add you to this.

To view all of your local resources, visit

Our Friends at Laser Eye Surgery Hub have sent us a wonderful array of resource pages packed with a host of links:
• Help with Adjusting to Low Vision or Blindness
• Resources Youth, Parents and Educators
• UK, US and Internationally based Resources
• The Latest on Medical Advancements and Research
• Communication Tech and Mobile App Resources
• Financial Assistance Resources
Please visit this page for the full list

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Find friendly societies and other organisations we are pleased to call our friends who share a common spirit and want to help everyone with visual needs to live a more independent life.

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High Contrast Settings for PC and Laptop Use

If you suffer from glare from normal PC screen usage resulting in squinting or having to enlarge content so much it becomes difficult to navigate around the screen it may be that you could benefit from using High Contrast settings.

All Windows and Mac platforms provide high contrast settings as part of their accessibility settings but all too often these are not easily accessed and most people are not aware of the options available to assist you in using PC. Follow these simple instructions and links to discover how high contrast can make your life so much easier.

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