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High Contrast On Your PC

High Contrast Settings for PC and Laptop Use

If you suffer from glare from normal PC screen usage resulting in squinting or having to enlarge content so much it becomes difficult to navigate around the screen it may be that you could benefit from using High Contrast settings.

All Windows and Mac platforms provide high contrast settings as part of their accessibility settings but all too often these are not easily accessed and most people are not aware of the options available to assist you in using PC. Follow these simple instructions and links to discover how high contrast can make your life so much easier.

Windows PC

All versions of Windows can be switched in and out of high contrast by simply holding down left shift-Alt –Print Screen. You can also follow these links to if you prefer to and you can also learn more about the accessibility options available.

Windows XP

Windows 7/8

Additionally, when using Internet Explorer you can customise the colours of text and background to improve your web experience. You can find many links on the web as to how to do this but just follow these simple steps for success

When in Internet explorer select the Tools Tab in the menu bar
• Click on Internet Options (usually at the bottom of the menu)
• Click on the Colours box in Appearance at the foot of the window
• Uncheck the Use windows Colours and now make your own selection
• Click ok and away you go

You can also use this link to discover more settings and shortcuts


I have very little experience with this operating system but this link from the BBC seems to cover all aspects.

If you would like to share your experiences or if you have some good tips for accessibility use on PC and Mac let us know at

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