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About IndyEyes

Independenteyes is a blog. This means everyone can contribute or comment on anything they see on the site. We relish the views of all and, with over 2 million registered visually impaired individuals in the UK alone, we know there is a lot to be said and heard out there. Visit the Indytalk section to catch up on the latest conversations.

We hope that you find this site a useful and long-time partner for you and your friends. We have designed the pages for accessibility, offering a combination of viewing formats to provide easy viewing whether using PC, tablet or smart phone. If you need to change your viewing preferences, just select from the Site Colour Preference buttons at the top right of the page.

A little about the creator of independent eyes - Paul Selby

Born in the sixties with congenital glaucoma, I have endured a life of impaired vision. Without knowing at the time, of course, I look back now at my early years both in school and college realising how much more I could have achieved given the support that is so often made available to VIP's today. I had always ignored my sight loss as a matter of fact and just worked harder at some things to achieve parity, or ignored those so obviously out of reach, such as driving for instance.
I have been very fortunate in my working life having held jobs in some really interesting business areas, offering travel and contact with some absolute characters in the consumer electronics industry. In the last 10-15 years however, I have encountered discrimination and brick walls that changed my attitudes and opened my eye (excuse the pun) to the issues VI's like me encounter. I still don't fully appreciate the level of disability I own, and quite frankly I still prefer to ignore it as long as I can, but age and ever increasing periods of sight loss have awoken my appreciation and realisation of the need for reliance on technology, together with some great organisations.
So where does an independent living VI get the kind of detail I want on technology and helpful organisations? Anyone..? No..?
And thus the inspiration for independenteyes was born. I want technology reviews that are aimed at me. I want a single source of information for the services I need, and I want a news centre for relevant news.
Why not get involved and add your experiences. SAY HELLO

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